World Builders 2.0 –Melissa Berg

I was recently featured on John Robin’s series called World Builders 2.0 where authors discuss the worlds they have created for their novels. Read on to learn more about Ahrune!


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Today, we enter the world of Melissa Berg, author of the Shifting Balance Series.

Made with Repix ( Berg is the author of the Shifting Balance Series, which has been her passion for the past ten years. She also works as a freelance illustrator and studied art and design at Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wisconsin. When she isn’t writing or painting or entertaining her son, she is pursuing the art of 3D computer illustration/animation, as a side project and to feed her fascination in the ever-expanding medium used for storytelling. She currently lives in Minnesota with her husband, young son, and a crazy Border Collie.

Now, prepare yourself to enter Ahrune!

The Shifting Balance Series takes place in Ahrune. In creating this rich land, I wanted to keep it simple; familiar and relatable. It is a character driven story of love, hope, and sacrifice, where I explore the world…

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