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  “You have to live with the notion of, If I don’t write this, no one’s going to write it. If I die, this idea dies with me.” ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda

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What is the Shifting Balance?

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Baby Steps…

I've been writing a lot before I start into the images. After reading a few good blogs about tips into starting a graphic novel I realized that I can't let my eagerness jump ahead too far. The fun part is... Continue Reading →

The Idea: Crazy… or Not Crazy? That is the question…

Welcome to my first entry into a Journal I intend to use to describe my foray into the world of writing a Graphic Novel. Why am I doing this? ...Good question... In the past few months I've been playing with... Continue Reading →

A Violent Fascination – by Melissa Berg

These words, first written by Shakespeare, now used by the Hosts of the new HBO series Westworld, point out one basic truth: Humans crave violence. For centuries we have tried to suppress it, but like trying to hold a beach... Continue Reading →

Invocation of the Muse – by Melissa Berg– Plus Some Great Music to Inspire Great Writing!

  "O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention, a kingdom for a stage, princes to act and monarchs to behold the swelling scene! Then should the warlike Harry, like himself, assume the port of Mars; and at... Continue Reading →

Mixing Genres: An Important Writer’s Tool — Melissa Berg

  Mixing genres is nothing new. It’s not a newfangled tactic or gimmick to garner or fool readers, or even the writer’s attempt to ford a new path through untried waters. Merging genres has been around since at least the... Continue Reading →

The Conflicted Heart of a True Anti-hero – by Melissa Berg

  We love to talk about heroes. And why not? Bravery in the face of evil, the one who stands up for the side of right while others grovel in fear… We admire such a person, because we are amazed and... Continue Reading →

The Science of Magic – by Melissa Berg

Magic and fantasy; it is a common opinion that you can't have one without the other. But what if this is wrong? Is magic really just a fantasy? The first question we should ask is: What is magic? Magic is a part... Continue Reading →

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