What is the Shifting Balance?




give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation.

It started as the basis for the philosophy in a fantasy book series I’ve been writing for the past ten years. Though the series is many things—action/adventure, romance, a Hero’s Journey with a twist—its main focus is to examine the struggles of humans and their nature. How our own imbalance as individuals can have ripples across decades, causing a Shift that resonates in all things; from the environment, to our social harmony, even our health both physically and psychologically. We each live in our own self-made bubble. Because of this it is often hard to see the overall picture, and too easy to ignore how we effect everything outside our field of view. As one of my main characters points out:

“—that small ripples in a pond, if constant and allowed to continue for a long enough time, can and will ultimately erode that same Balance we have worked so hard to protect.” – Johnquil Mason, Thy Will Be Done

This is not another health and wellness site. It is also not a political outrage platform. It is a place to come together and enlighten by talking about the things that keep us, as individuals, in a state of Balance. You will find articles about Art, music, and writing; environmental issues, science and technology; current and historical events and stories of other’s life experiences; even our favorite pop culture topics.




fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

These are the topics that matter to us the most. We use them to look inward and examine ourselves, we use them to gain more insight, to understand and look ahead. We use them for inspiration, and even hope. When life is difficult we gravitate toward others who share the same views, but also to step away from our bubbles for a time and look at the world through other’s eyes; we seek to learn. To enlighten. To be inspired.

I have been looking for fresh voices, those who have experience and expertise in several of these areas. Who have a need to share with you, and want their voices heard.

Recent events have pointed us toward the path of a Shifting Balance. If that Balance tips too far, can it ever be fully restored? Now, more than ever, it is important to be heard.

Go ahead and follow our site, join us on our exploration of this Shifting Balance and what it means to everyone on this fragile Earth.

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