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6 Tips For Writing Engaging and Tension-filled Fight Scenes – by Melissa Berg

Who doesn’t love an action movie? The rush of excitement as soon as the wide angle shot of a tension-laden stand off begins. The music fades before it crescendos, the percussion intensifies, and the fists start flying or the guns... Continue Reading →


Atmosphere of Culture – by Melissa Berg

“Look candles!” He called, pointing at the colorful array in the open-air shop that was his keep. The dust, drifting as a cloud, was a ghostly spectator hanging over the crowded thoroughfare. Patrons and peasants alike moved from one shop... Continue Reading →

Writing From the Artist’s Point of View – by Melissa Berg

Five Clichés that should be kicked in the butt… and then remolded and reused… Think Green—Recycle!

(“Because there are some good clichés in this world, Mr. Frodo, and they’re worth fighting for!”) All right, first I want to say: Your article was great, Yicheng! Good job! Obviously it made me start thinking. Thank you so much... Continue Reading →

Dragons: Myth or Science? – by Melissa Berg

  Since the dawning of man’s ability to dream and imagine, Dragons have been in existence. And like many other mythical beasts, it has played a huge part in understanding the oft times cruel world our forebears lived in. Dragons,... Continue Reading →

Of Fates and Men – by Melissa Berg

  Usually when a man wants to ponder the intricacies of his life, he seeks the serenity of a peaceful loneliness. A walk in the woods, a boat on a lake, his garage or the manly decorated riches of a... Continue Reading →

About Melissa Berg

Welcome to my website, The Shifting Balance. I can tell you more about my fantasy series, but first a little about me. My name is Melissa Berg, and I am the author of The Shifting Balance Series, which has been my passion for the past ten years.... Continue Reading →


We were waiting in the cold, hiding in the dark; yellowed sandstone and aged, oaken barrels our only shelter. Outside those close walls was the clean air, the ocean, the rich soil. Outside it was life. Surrounded by suffocating darkness,... Continue Reading →

The Story

Prophecy of the Stars: Part 1 – Revelations is the first book in an adult Speculative Fiction series called The Shifting Balance. It is an action/adventure paced, character driven story that leans toward fantasy, with elements of Romance and Science-Fiction.... Continue Reading →

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