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Baby Steps…

I've been writing a lot before I start into the images. After reading a few good blogs about tips into starting a graphic novel I realized that I can't let my eagerness jump ahead too far. The fun part is... Continue Reading →


Of Fates and Men – by Melissa Berg

  Usually when a man wants to ponder the intricacies of his life, he seeks the serenity of a peaceful loneliness. A walk in the woods, a boat on a lake, his garage or the manly decorated riches of a... Continue Reading →


We were waiting in the cold, hiding in the dark; yellowed sandstone and aged, oaken barrels our only shelter. Outside those close walls was the clean air, the ocean, the rich soil. Outside it was life. Surrounded by suffocating darkness,... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1

Darkness lies cold and empty.  Like a shroud of despair, it hangs over all. Yet out of the mist and shadow comes a light, shining as a star.  It rises like a beacon in the night. Hope will be ignited,... Continue Reading →

A collection of excerpts related to writing action – by Melissa Berg

If you are here from Epic Fantasy Writer, WELCOME! If not, check out my article called 6 Tips For Writing Engaging and Tension-Filled Fight Scenes Below are my example excerpts taken from my first two books in The Shifting Balance Series.... Continue Reading →

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